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The beginning of the new territory, 112 moons ago (generation 1) - Sea-Star chose the desert as her territory since she was the first to show interest in the territory when her and the other leaders found it. Sea-Star rose to power and took Meerkat-Ears as her deputy.

108 moons ago - A young apprentice at 7 moons old, Dune-Paw, damaged their eyes and since Sea-Star was taking the role of medicine cat, due to there not being one, she took him as her apprentice.

101 moons ago - Dune-Paw becomes Arid-Clan's medicine cat at 14 moons, receiving the name Dune-Pelt.

99 moons ago - Meerkat-Ears suffered a fatal injury, like five others, during a battle with Flora-Clan and died. The new deputy is Ring-Tail.

97 moons ago - Cactus-Kit becomes Dune-Pelt's apprentice and receives the name Cactus-Paw.

96 moons ago (generation 2)

94 moons ago - Sea-Star is killed by Ring-Tail during a battle with Marsh-Clan. Ring-Tail is now given the name Ring-Star and Mule-Belly, Ring-Star's mate, is the new deputy.

89 moons ago - Cactus-Paw earns their medicine cat name, Cactus-Bloom, and announces to the clan that Ring-Star killed Sea-Star. Ring-Star and Mule-Belly are exiled and Dune-Pelt makes Jack-Hop, Jack-Star. Jack-Star's deputy is Javelina-Charge.

87 moons ago - The leader and deputy are found hiding while Rapid-Clan is attacking the camp. Dune-Pelt dies and the leader and deputy are exiled. Cactus-Bloom names herself the leader and medicine cat, like Sea-Star has done before. Her deputy is Spiny-Mouse.

85 moons ago - Gazelle-Kit is named Gazelle-Paw and is the medicine cat apprentice.

80 moons ago (Generation 3) -

78 moons ago - Gazelle-Paw becomes Medicine cat and is called Gazelle-Leap. Cactus-Star dies of sickness soon after and Spiny-Mouse is now Spiny-Star. His deputy is Prairie-Bird.

75 moons ago - Porcupine-Paw becomes Gazelle-Leap's apprentice after he ran face first into a cactus.

71 moons ago - Porcupine-Paw gets their medicine cat name, Porcupine-Fire. Spiny-Star steps down as leader and Prairie-Bird is now Prairie-Star, her deputy is Pronghorn-Leg.

65 moons ago - Gazelle-Leap dies by being attack while looking for herbs. Porcupine-Fire is the medicine cat and is given an apprentice immediately. His apprentice is Kangaroo-Paw.

64 moons ago (Generation 4) -

62 moons ago - Prairie-Star dies during a battle between Arid-Clan and Coast-Clan versus Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan. Pronghorn-Leg becomes Pronghorn-Star and his deputy is Spotted-Hyena.

61 moons ago - Pronghorn-Star dies due to heavy internal bleeding from the fight where the previous leader died. Spotted-Hyena becomes Spotted-Star and her deputy is Wild-Dog.

79 moons ago - Kangaroo-Paw is given the name Kangaroo-Rat.

76 moons ago - Wild-Dog gets exiled due to him running off to be with a mate outside the clan. The new deputy is Red-Sand.

70 moons ago - A drought strikes the land. Spotted-Star is finding it hard to take care of her clan.

69 moons ago - Kangaroo-Rat dies of starvation along with half of the clan.

67 moons ago - Spotted-Star appoints Silver-Moth as the medicine cat.

64 moons ago - Spotted-Star dies due to starvation and Red-Sand becomes Red-Star. Red-Sand is now Red-Star and his deputy is Gray-Fox. Red-Star asks the remaining of his clan to hunt in other clans' territory.

63 moons ago - At a gathering Red-Star makes an agreement with Coast-Clan that they can use the territory to hunt.

57 moons ago - The drought stops, Red-Star waits for the prey to fully come back. Coast-Clan gets a little irritated.

53 moons ago - Red-Star finally agrees to stop hunting in Coast-Clan after Crab-Star and him fought.

50 moons ago - Red-Star is exiled due to him trying to forcefully be mates with Silver-Moth. Grey-Fox becomes Grey-Star and his deputy is Long-Weasel.

48 moons ago (Generation 5) - Grey-Fox gives Silver-Moth, Lion-Paw as her apprentice. Grey-Star and Silver-Moth become mates.

45 moons ago - Lion-Paw receives her medicine cat name, Lion-Pelt.

41 moons ago - Silver-Moth dies of sickness and Grey-Star follows after. Long-Weasel is Long-Star and his deputy is Mountain-Wind.

37 moons ago - Lion-Pelt gets Mule-Deer as their apprentice.

32 moons ago (generation 6) - Long-Star is exiled for planning to drive out Coast-Clan with the Mountain Cats. Mountain-Wind is now Mountain-Star and Skunk-Tail is now her deputy.

25 moons ago - Skunk-Tail dies by her son, Wild-Heart. Wild-Heart is exiled. Mountain-Star appoints Wolf-Fur as her deputy.

19 moons ago - Wolf-Fur poisons Mountain-Star and Lion-Pelt. Wolf-Fur is Wolf-Star and Mule-Deer is now the medicine cat. Wolf-Star appoints Coyote-Ears as his deputy.

16 moons ago (Generation 7) - Coyote-Ears steps down as deputy and Armadillo-Curl (Will change if someone creates a different Arid-Clan leader) is the new deputy.

1 moon ago (a moons before Generation 8) - Wolf-Star is exiled and Armadillo-Curl is now Armadillo-Star, her deputy is Basking-Lizard.
These are the Medicines and Herbs that the medicine cats use. I got all the information from the Warriors Wiki ( A link to it:… ) and a few other sites to figure out where you could find the herb.

They are put into four categories:

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!      Treatment of Wounds

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U!      Treatment of Diseases

Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U!      Poison

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U!      Other

--------------------------------------------------------Medicine and Herbs--------------------------------------------------------

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Blackberries/Blackberry Leaves -

Description: Plant itself carries pinkish-white flowers, each flower has five petals and produces one fruit crop a year. Grows in sunny areas. Carries a sharp scent.

Location: Large amounts are in Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan. Few are on the borders of 
Arid-Clan and Coast-Clan. Some are scattered around Marsh-Clan.

Usage: These leaves are chewed into a pulp.

Mixed into a poultice to ease the pain of bee stings.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Burdock/Burdock Root -

Description: Tall-stemmed thistle with a sharp smell and dark leaves. Has a bitter taste.

Location: Flora-Clan

Usage: The root is dug up, the soil is washed off, and then it is chewed into a pulp.

Lessens the pain of rat bites, especially if they are infected. Can give cats a bellyache if they eat too much of it. Numbs rat bite to the point a cat cannot feel the pain. Numbs rat bite to the point a cat cannot feel the pain.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     
Celandine/Celandine Poppy/Greater Celandine -

Description: Yellow flower with four petals. Celandine poppy have bigger petals, whereas the greater celandine are smaller.

Location: Large amounts in Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan. Few are on the border of Marsh-Clan.

Crushed into juice and trickled into the eye.

Soothes weakened or damaged eyes.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Chervil -

A sweet-smelling plant with large, leafy, fern-like leaves and small white flowers. The roots are described as being knobby and brown.

Location: Few in Flora-Clan.

Chewed to extract the juice of the leaves or the root.

For infected wounds and bellyache, respectively. For infected wounds and bellyache, respectively.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Cobwebs -

Long, thin, shiny strands spun into a web by spiders. Very common.

Location: Large amounts in Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan. Few in Marsh-Clan. 

Press over wound.

Effect:To soak up and stop, or slow, the bleeding.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Comfrey Root -

It has large leaves, small bell-shaped flowers, which are pink, white, or purple, and fat, black roots. Tangy smell.

Location: Marsh-Clan

Roots are chewed into a poultice. Can also be lined in one's nest.

Effect: Repairs broken bones or soothes wounds. Also used for wrenched claws. Can be used for itching or for inflammation on stiff joints. Also eases stiffness on wrenched shoulders when lined in a nest. Can be used for burns.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Dandelion -

Common yellow-flowered plant with long, hollow stems. After flowering is finished, the flower transforms a sphere made out of hundreds of smaller white florets with seed heads at the bottom that connect to the flower head.

Location: Everywhere

The white liquid is thought to be applied to bee stings. Leaves can be chewed.

Thought to soothe and heal bee stings. Its leaves can also be chewed to act like a painkiller.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Dock/Dock Leaves -

Common, large-leafed plant with a tangy smell and taste.

Location: Almost everywhere.

Chewed up and applied to scratches. Similar to sorrel.  Also can be put in one's nest during sleep.

Soothes scratches, though can sting when being applied. Soothes sore pads. If placed in nests, it can ease the pain of wounds. Can be used to help practice healing on Clanmates.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Elder Leaves -

Leaves from the Elder tree.

Often found in 5-9 leaflets.

Turned into a poultice.

Soothes sprains.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Fennel -

Thin, spiky leaves.

Location: Large Amounts in Arid-Clan and Coast-Clan. Few in Marsh-Clan.

Stalks are broken and juice is squeezed into the receiver's mouth.

Helps pain in the hips.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Goldenrod - 

A tall plant with bright, yellow flowers.

Location: Few on borders of Arid-Clan.

Chewed into a poultice.

Effect: Good for healing wounds.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Horsetail 

Description: A tall, bristly-stemmed plant, referred to with fleshy stalks.

Location: Marsh-Clan

Usage: Chewed to a poultice, and applied to wounds.

Effect:  Treats infections and stops bleeding.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Marigold 

Description: A low-growing flower; yellow to bright orange.

Location: Everywhere near water.

Usage: Petals or leaves chewed in a poultice. Juice can be used as well.

Effect: Stops infection. Stops bleeding. Used for inflammation of stiff joints.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Dried Oak Leaves 

Description: Round, cartoon-like ruffled leaves.

Location: Flora-Clan in Leaf-Fall

Usage: The dried leaves are to be stored in a dry location until the time of usage, when they are chewed into a thick poultice and spread on a wound.

Effect: Stops infection from setting in.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Ragwort Leaves 

Description: Tall shrub with yellow flowers. Tastes foul to cats.

Location: Large amounts in Rapid-Clan. Few can be found in Flora-Clan and Marsh-Clan.

Usage: Crushed and chewed; mixed with Juniper Berries, it can help aching joints.

Effect: Treats aching joints and keeps a cat's strength up.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Rush 

Description: It has long narrow leaves and lavender-colored head stalks.

Location: Large amounts in Arid-Clan, Coast-Clan, and Marsh-Clan. Few in Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan. 

Usage: Used to bind broken bones.

Effect: Helps hold a broken limb in place, such as casts for Twolegs.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Stinging Nettle 

Description: It has green, spiny seeds.

Location: Mainly Flora-Clan but not found in Arid-Clan and Coast-Clan.

Usage: The seeds are eaten by a cat who's swallowed poison, or the leaves are chewed into a poultice for a wound. The stems can also be chewed.

Effect: Induces vomiting, or brings down swelling, respectively. Can be mixed with comfrey to help heal broken bones. Helps with wounds. Chewing the stems helps fight against infection.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     
Tormentil - 

Description: It has a strong, aromatic scent to it and a sharp taste.

Location: Few in Coast-Clan.

Usage: Chewed and put on the wound.

Effect: Its root is good for treating all wounds and extracting poison.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Wild Garlic 

Description: Extremely sharp and tangy scent. Grows in patches, and typically has a white bulb with green leaves. They can also produce a flower.

Location: Mostly in Flora-Clan, Rapid-Clan, and Marsh-Clan.

Usage: One must roll in it.

Effect: Draws out poison in rat bites. Prevents infection.

Peach Dot Bullet - F2U!     Willow Bark 

Description: Bark of the willow tree.

Location: Marsh-Clan

Usage: Unknown

Effect: Eases pain.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Catmint/Catnip -

A leafy and delicious-smelling plant. Has gray-green leaves, stem is hairy, and has purple flowers. Is easily killed by frost.Looks like nettles, but doesn't sting.

Location: Near the barn.

Usage: Eaten

Best remedy for the deadly greencough, which kits and elders usually catch in the season of leaf-bare. Can also be used for whitecough. Can be considered dangerous in extremely high dosages.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Chickweed -

Tall-stemmed plant with fat, almond-shaped leaves.

Location: Mainly Flora-Clan, few in Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Eaten

Effect: Treats greencough, though catnip is often preferred.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Hawkweed -

Description: Small green plant with yellow and orange flowers.

Location: Mainly Flora-Clan and in the mountains.

Usage: Unknown

Like catmint but not as strong.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Lavender -

Description: A small purple flowering plant.

Location: On the mountain and on the border of Coast-Clan.

Placed under a cats nose and is to be inhaled constantly, or rubbed/placed on an animal's body to hide the scent of death.

Effect: Cures fever and chills. Also used to hide the scent of death.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Lungwort -

Description: An herb with dark green leaves speckled with grey.

Location: Few on the mountain.

Usage: Eaten.

Effect: Cures yellowcough

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Sweet Sedge -

Description: Thick green stem with long buds at the top.

Location: Grows all through Leaf-Bare, anywhere around water. (Rapid-Clan and Coast-Clan.)

Usage: One must swallow the sap.

Effect: Eases Infection.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Tansy

The tansy plant has round, yellow leaves, and has a very sweet and strong scent, making it good for disguising a cat's scent.

Location: Near the barn and on the mountain.

Usage: To be consumed, but only in small doses.

Effect: Cures coughs.
Can be used to cure wounds and poisons. Stops cats from getting greencough. Soothes throats. Can be extremely dangerous to pregnant cats.

Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Deathberries -

Description: Red berries from the dark-leaved, poisonous yew bush.

Location: Many in Marsh-Clan. Few in Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Sometimes used to kill other cats by making them eat the berry.

Effect: Kills a cat within minutes of being consumed.

Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Foxglove Seeds -

Description: Tiny, black seeds from the bell-shaped flower of the Foxglove plant.

Location: Almost everywhere, especially in Flora-Clan

Usage: They are used to treat the heart.

They can easily cause paralysis and heart failure.

Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Holly Berries -

Description: A plant with spiny leaves that produces red berries with no medicinal value.

Location: Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Unknown


Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Deadly Nightshade -

Description: A small shrub with faintly scented, bell-shaped flowers that are purple tinged with green in color. Berries are shiny and black when ripe.

Location: Marsh-Clan and shady spots in Arid-Clan.

Usage: To quickly kill a cat who can not be saved.


Dot Bullet (Dark Brown) - F2U! Water Hemlock -

Description: Green or white flowers with petals in umbrella-shaped clusters.

Location: Marsh-Clan

Usage: Unknown

Causes writhing, pain, and foaming at the mouth.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Alder Tree/Alder Bark -

Description: Dark grey bark, fissured. Younger trees can have greenish bark. Branches can sometimes be sticky.

Location: Marsh-Clan during Leaf-Fall and Leaf-Bare.

Usage: Unknown.

Effect: Eases toothaches.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Beech Tree/Beech Nuts/Beech Leaves -

Description: Has broad shiny leaves. Can have a variety of leaf colors, but typically green, yellow, or golden, and can also be smaller or short. Female trees typically produce Beech Nuts. Bark can be thin, smooth and gray in color.

Location: Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Unknown

Nuts are good for attracting prey.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Bindweed -

Description: Blue petals with white throat and yellow center. Typically blooms in warmer weather. Stem contains green leaves.

Location: The mountain.

Usage: Helps bind sticks together.

When combined with sticks, can mend a broken leg and keep it in place.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Borage/Borage Leaves -

It is easily distinguished by its small blue or pink star-shaped petals and hairy leaves. Can be distinguished by smell just as well as sight. The best leaves are typically halfway up the stem, and has a zesty scent to them. Leaves can be gray-green in color, soft, and they lose their flavor when they are dried out.

Location: Flora-Clan, Rapid-Clan, and the mountain.

Usage: Chewed and eaten.

It produces more and better milk. It also brings down fevers. Helps soothes bad bellies and relieves tight chests.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Bright Eyes/Garden Phlox -

Description: Light pink with darker pink in the middle.

Location: Flora-Clan and the borders of Arid-Clan and Coast-Clan.

Usage: Crushed into a poultice mixture.

Mixed with Lovage to help cure coughs.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Broom -

Description: Shrubs with small leaves and small yellow flowers. Flowers are often solitary, but can come in pairs.

Location: Flora-Clan in late Leaf-Fall and Leaf-Bare.

Usage: Ground into a poultice.

Used in a poultice that can help broken legs and wounds.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Burnet -

Description: Medium green-colored basal leaves. Can occasionally have spikes of purple flowers.

Location: Flora-Clan and on the border of Aird-Clan and Coast-Clan.

Usage: A traveling herb. The leaves are swallowed.

Used to give strength. Good for expecting queens.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Catchweed/Catchweed Bedstraw/Catchweed Burrs -

Description: A plant with fuzzy green balls on long stems.

Location: Flora-Clan, Rapid-Clan, and Marsh-Clan.

Usage: The burrs are put on pelts where poultices are.

Stops poultices from being rubbed off without hurting the skin.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Charomline -

Description: A small white, flower with a large, yellow center.

Location: The barn and Coast-Clan.

Usage: Eaten.

Strengthens the heart and soothes the mind. Also given to traveling cats for strength.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Cob Nuts -

Description: A smooth brown nut with a hard outside shell. A type of hazelnut.

Location: Many in Coast clan and few in Flora-Clan.

Usage: Made into ointments.

Unknown (Maybe used to attract prey?)

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Coltsfoot -

Description: A flowering plant with yellow and white flowers resembling dandelions. Grows best in New-Leaf.

Location: In the center of Rapid-Clan's camp.

Usage: Leaves are chewed into a pulp.

Eases breathing or kitten-cough, as well as cracked or sore pads.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Daisy Leaf -

Description: Thick, dark green, oval shaped leaves.

Location: Flora-Clan.

Usage: Chewed into a paste.

Eases the pain of aching joints. It is a traveling herb.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Feverfew -

Description: Small bush with flowers resembling daisies. Has a sharp tangy smell and small soft leaves.

Location: Anywhere around water.

Usage: Eaten.

Reduces body temperature for cats with fever or chills. Also heals aches and pains, especially good for head aches.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Goatweed -

Description: Plant with ovate leaves.

Location: Rapid-Clan and Coast-Clan.

Usage: Unknown

Eases grief.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Heather Nectar -

Description: Nectar found in bell-shaped flowers.

Location: Flora-Clan, Rapid-Clan, and Marsh-Clan.

Usage: Included in herbal mixtures.

Makes swallowing easier and sweetens mixtures.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Honey -

Description: A sweet, golden colored-colored liquid made by bees.

Location: In honeycombs or bees nests up in trees.

Usage: Eaten, or given by moss soaked in.

Soothes infections, is a great remedy for smoke-damaged or sore throats, helps cats swallow other concoctions, helps soothe coughing, and gives energy.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Ivy Leaf -

Description: Leaves from the ivy vine.

Location: Flora-Clan and Marsh-Clan, few in Rapid-Clan.

Usage: To store other herbs.


Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Juniper Berries -

Description: Purple-blue berries from the dark green, spiky-leaved juniper bush.

Location: On the border of Arid-Clan.

Usage: Chewed and Eaten.

Soothes bellyaches, gives strength, and helps troubled breathing. It is also used to help calm cats.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Lamb's Ear -

Description: Soft, fuzzy green plant.

Location: The mountain.

Usage: Unknown

Gives a cat strength.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Lovage -

A tall, green vine-like plant. (Information: Wikipedia)

Location: Flora-Clan and Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Unknown

If it is mixed with Bright-Eye, it can help cure coughs.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Mallow Leaves -

Description: Large fuzzy, three-nubbed leaves from a flowering shrub; sweet rose scent.

Location: Coast-Clan.

Usage: Eaten.

Soothes bellyaches.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Mint -

Description: Downy, serrated leaves ranging from green to purple and yellow in color. Flowers are small and white or purple in color.

Location: Flora-Clan.

Usage: Rubbed on a dead body.

Used to mask the smell of death.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Mouse Bile -

Description: Foul smelling, yellowish-green liquid.

Location: Anywhere, where there is mice present.

Usage: The liquid is soaked into moss and dabbed onto ticks embedded in the pelt.

The ticks fall off.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Parsley -

A long-stemmed plant with ragged-edged crinkly leaves, Sharp scent, tastes cold and fresh, tastes the same fresh or dried.

Location: Marsh-Clan and few in Rapid-Clan.

Usage: Eaten.

Stops a queen from producing milk if her kits die, don't need milk anymore, or are producing too much milk. Also used to cure bellyache.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Poppy Seeds -

Description: Tiny, round black seeds that are shaken out of dried poppy flowerheads.

Location: Flora-Clan, Rapid-Clan, and the barn.

Usage: Chewed on.

They can help a cat sleep, soothe shock or distress, or ease pain. Not recommended for nursing queens.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Ragwort -

Description: Ragged-leaved plant resembling a fern.

Location: The mountain.

Usage: Thought to give cats extra strength.

Like Lamb's Ear, Ragwort gives a cat extra strength and energy.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Raspberry Leaves -

Description: Soft to the touch, but with jagged edges.

Location: Raspberry bushes.

Usage: It could be a painkiller, or helps stop bleeding during kitting.

Could possibly ease pain, or stop bleeding.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Rosemary -

Description: Tall with nettle-like leaves and purple plants.

Location: Flora-Clan.

Usage: Put on the pelt of a dead cat to prepare for burial.

Masks the smell of death.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Sorrel -

Description: Similar to dock, sorrel is used as a traveling herb.

Location: The mountain.

Usage: Eaten.

Traveling herb., can also build up an appetite

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Stick -

Description: Thin wooden protrusions that grow on or fall from trees.

Location: Where trees are.

Cats in pain bite it when other medicine is either unavailable or not recommended. Also used to help broken legs heal.

Distracts cats from pain. Recommended for queens giving birth.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Thyme -

Description: Small, delicate, thick, sticky leaves with a fresh tang.

Location: Arid-Clan.

Usage: Leaves can be chewed on.

Calms nervousness, anxiety, and cats who are in shock.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Traveling Herbs -

Description: Mixture consist of Sorrel, Daisy, Charmomine, and Burnet.

Location: No one place.

Usage: Eaten.

When mixed together, they suppress hunger pains and and give a cat strength.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Watermint -

Description: A green, leafy plant, with purple flowers at the end of the its spiky stems.

Location: Marsh-Clan and Rapid-Clan.

Usage: It is usually chewed into a pulp, and then eaten.

Eases the suffering that originates from a bellyache.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Willow Leaves -

Description: Leaves from a willow tree.

Location: Anywhere a willow tree is (Marsh-Clan).

Usage: Eaten.

Stops barfing.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Wintergreen -

Description: Easily identifiable by its red berries.

Location: On the border of Arid-Clan and Flora-Clan's territory.

Usage: Unknown

Treats wounds and some poisons.

Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Yarrow -

A flowering plant with green, jagged leaves, a tangy scent and a bitter taste.

Location: Coast-Clan and the mountain.

Its leaves are chewed into a poultice that can be given to cats or applied to a wound depending on the situation.

Extracts poison from wounds. Will make a cat vomit up toxins. The ointment will soften and help heal cracked pads.

I forgot to add thus but warning, I'm not talking about all of the fangirls, I'm sorry. I was tired, idk why I do things while I'm tired, I guess I'm more creative while I'm tired.

Some of you guys will hate me, I'm making a journal about a character (Mire which is a skeleton, a short version of Midnight Nightmare, thank my friend for that name) I made a long time ago (2 years or more...). Basically this might be a series of journals/stories. The character is part of the Undertale world, this is a thing about how I believe a Sans x Fangirl should be like. You shall now get upset. btw in this story my character doesn't get with Sans. Also the way this works in that apparently the character is a skeleton that escaped before the monsters were sealed underground. The story is mainly from Mire's point of view, so I'll be using you, sorry. So basically, Mire falls into the underground, like Frisk, and ends up going through a similar journey as Frisk. Anyways, if you've got to this point without getting upset this is the end of the explanation. Now on to the story.

Chapter 1: The Fall - You started to walk towards mount Ebott. You knew it would be fine to be out in the open since most of the humans are scared of the mountain due to what they believed to be stories of the monsters sealed underneath. You started your climb up to the top of the mountain.

The reason you wanted to go was to see if the monsters were still there. You had also heard a human talking to their friend or friends about something legendary while you were hiding. The reason it was hard to tell was because you didn't dare to look incase your were seen.

You finally got up to the top to see a huge hole in the center about 30-40 ft. from the edge where you climbed up. You sighed and heaved yourself up. You slowly walked towards the edge of the hole and stared into it. You suddenly looked up to see a huge, magnificent tree past the hole. Being filled with happiness that you finally found something legendary, you forgot the hole was right in front of you. You started to run towards the tree but felt nothing beneath you.

You fell in.

Chapter 2: The Ruins - You fell down with a crack in one of your bones. You don't have skin so it hurts more than if you were to have skin. You got up, wincing at the pain from the crack in your bones. You started to walk trying to ignore the pain. You started to walk into a large empty place, it looked like a room.

You didn't see anyone, the only thing you saw was a patch of pretty yellow flowers, not knowing if they were buttercups, dandelions, or sunflowers. You walked up to the patch, feeling compelled by something. You picked a flower and stared at it for what seemed like hours, it was actually a minute.

You finally put the flower down, not like it was still alive or was going to live. At this moment you picked it up again and put it in a pouch you had. You sighed knowing it was pathetic to feel bad about a now dead flower. You continued to walk.

You stumbled upon buttons, it looked like a trap. There were pebbles around, you took one and placed it on one of the buttons. It sunk to the ground, like you pressed it. You got ready to feel pain, but nothing happened. You thought you got it right, so you tried another still waiting for something horrible to happen. Still nothing, you tried another. Still nothing, you finally stopped and stared at the buttons.

You sat down across the room from the buttons. You sighed and stared at the door that was supposed to open if you got the buttons correct. You didn't know what to do, you might have already messed up. You did the one thing you could think of doing, napping. Somehow when you went to nap the pain started to go away.

-----------------------------------------------------------------End of first part-----------------------------------------------------------------

The lore: The two-legs (humans) bought the land that the clans claimed as their territory, the humans came in and started to clear the land to make more homes, causing the clans to leave. The clans joined together and didn't call themselves groups instead of clans. The groups started their search for new territory but anytime they found the perfect territory there were already other cats there to scare them off. It's been 5 generations until they finally found a new territory worthy of them and no cats to fight them for it.

 Allegiances (keep in mind that they’re all in a large group but still separated)


Leader    Scarred-Star – Light grey she-cat with deep visible scars all over her pelt

Deputy   Rowan-Spark – Reddish brown tom with eyes that look like sparks

Healer    Tangled-Thorn – Dark brown tom with long tangled fur

Warriors   Crescent-Fall – Light grey, almost white tom with a crescent like shape under his muzzle

                    Twisted-Claw – Dark brown tom with a twisted foot

                    Water-Hop – Light colored Russian blue she-cat with long legs

                    Stag-Creek – Brown tom with cream ears and dark green eyes

Queens                    Nettle-Fur – A grey she cat with a green and an amber eye

                    Morning-Air – A calico she cat with a white face and underside

Apps         Sage-Paw – A brown tabby tom

                    Fennel-Paw – A white tom with brown paws and an ear         

                    Sparrow-Paw – A light ginger tom with a cream stomach and darker colored muzzle

                    Acorn-Paw – A dark brown she with a black head

Kits            Mallow-Kit – A white she cat with dark grey spots

                  Sorrel-Kit – A brown calico she cat

                  Tree-Kit - A dark brown tom with a red tint

                  Cypress-Kit - A brown tom with a blue tint 

Elders      Cone-Fire – A brown tom with an orange tint


Leader    Evening-Star – Pale brown tom with a large scar on his muzzle

Deputy   Hornet-Sting – Sand colored tabby tom with black stripes

Healer    Wolfs-Bane – Dark colored she-cat with silver around her muzzle and at the tip of her tail

Healer Apprentice Sloe-Paw – A dark blue tabby she

Warriors Mantis-Wing – Pale grey tom with a tint of green

                  Beetle-Head – Black tom with a glossy coat

                  Venom-Tail – Dark reddish brown tom with a gash running along his mouth

                  Night-Ear – White she cat with one black ear

                  Needle-Willow – A dark grey she-cat with fur that always stands up

                  Mistle-Splash – Reddish brown tom with splashes of dark and light red on his fur

                  Adder-Tongue – A red tom with an unusual tongue

Queens   Maggot-Water – A tall cream colored she cat

                  Orchid-Dapple – A white she cat with brown dapples

App         Nectar-Paw – A she cat the color of nectar with a glossy coat

                  Clover-Paw – A light grey tom with a tint of green to his coat

                  Wild-Paw – A tortoise shell she cat

                  Rye-Paw – A dark ginger tom with stripes on his tail and face

Kit           Burn-Kit – Grey tabby she with white on her underside underfur

                 Hay-Kit – A hay colored tom with a green face

                 Torrent-Kit - A yellow she cat with deep blue eyes

Elder      Weasel-Mouse – A brown she with a white underbelly

                 Chive-Bee – A white tom with moss growing on his fur


Leader   North-Star – Tortoiseshell she-cat with her left eye not able to move (always facing north)

Deputy   Birch-Branch – Brown tabby tom with dark amber eyes

Healer    Cloud-Skip – A white tom with a twisted front right leg and a back left paw (Skipping)

Healer Apprentice   Pear-Fern – A cream colored she with a grey face

Warriors Ashen-Fang – A monochrome calico she

                   Mistral-Storm – Tom with dark grey almost black pelt with bob cat ears, green eyes

                   Flutter-Pelt – She-cat white and grey calico with usual blue eyes, taller than most

                   Arch-Frost – Light orange tom with a darker ring around his muzzle and one of his right eye

                   Shrew-Whisker – Small tabby light brown she cat

Queens                   Dandelion-Nose – A sand colored tabby she with a yellow colored nose

                   Solar-Eyes – An orange she cat with amber eyes

Apps         Sheep-Paw – A fluffy white she with fur that looks like wool

                    Tansy-Paw – A yellow tabby she cat with pale green eyes

                    Ferret-Paw – A white, brown, and black marbled tom

                    Pigeon-Paw – A blue she cat with a darker head and lighter legs

Kits             Bluebell-Kit – a blue she cat with white paws

                    Whisker-Kit – A grey tabby tom with dark green eyes

                    Sea-Kit – A light blue grey she cat with ripples of darker color and dark green eyes

Elder         Kestrel-Slip – A tom with a grey head, brown muzzle and fur with black spots on him


Leader   Lichen-Star – Grey tabby tom with a tint of blue green to his fur and a silver stripe going from his tail to his face.

Deputy    Minnow-Whisker – Silver she-cat with a hint of dark grey and black stripes covering her sides.

Healer      Furze-Weed – A golden tabby tom with a dark stripe across his neck

Healer Apprentice Cobalt-Paw – A dark grey tabby tom

Warriors  Newt-Song – Dark colored tom with a hint of blue on his muzzle

                    Shining-Tooth – A light colored tortoise shell she cat

                    Shell-Spring – A pale grey tom with a hint of pink in his long fluffy fur

                    Scorch-Fish – Dark grey tom that looks like he’d been scorched

                    Fin-Shade – Black tom with dark amber eyes

                   Ash-Flame – A grey molten tom with amber eyes

Queens    Webbed-Pounce – A grey she-cat with now unusual webbed paws

                   Eagle-Feather – A tall brindle she cat with icy blue eyes

Apps         Gull-Paw – A light cream tom with black tipped ears and shoulders

                    Whorl-Paw – A tall dark blue she-cat

                    Snook-Paw – A silver speckled she cat

                    Swallow-Paw – A light brown she with dark amber eyes

Kit              Parsley-Kit – A light grey tom with green eyes

                    Stoat-Kit – A brown she cat with a white underside

                    Sun-Kit - A dark orange tom

Elder         Midge-Mist – A brown spotted tom

                    Eel-Sight – A black glossy coated tom


Leader    Squeaky-Star – Ginger tom with brown ears and underfur

Deputy   Jay-Beak – Black she-cat with uncommon bright blue eyes

Healer    Berry-Whisper – A dark calico tom

Healer Apprentice    Olive-Cloud – A grey she cat with fluffy fur

Warriors Badger-Bark – A white she-cat with pale, icy blue eyes

                   Finch-Runner – Brown tom with a cream coloring all the way from his tall tip to his underbelly and muzzle

                   Wren-Poppy – Tall, light brown she with a darker colored muzzle

                   Vole-Burr – Dark brown tom with a long scar on the left side of him

                   Bloom-Tuft – A white shiny long furred she that can have different tints depending on the light

Queens   Slate-Seed – A small brown grey she-cat with thick jagged fur

App          Yarrow-Paw – A white marbled tom with light blue eyes

                   Empty-Paw – A grey spotted tom with grey empty looking eyes

                   Alder-Paw – A dark redish brown she cat with light ears, tail tip, and muzzle

                   Wooly-Paw – a cream colored marbled she cat

Kit             Hickory-Kit – A redish brown she cat with a bright orange spot on her cheek

                   Plum-Kit – A blue tom with a brown tint  

Elder      Hazel-Breeze – A pale yellow she cat with hazel eyes

                 Starling-Heart – A dark brown tom with white spots


Prologue –

The last true leaders:

Wind         Zephyr-Star – A light blue tom with a silver tinge to his muzzle, paws, and tail tip

Thunder   Amber-Star – An orange tabby she cat with green grey eyes

River         Sail-Star – A silver grey tom with waves of dark and light coloring

Shadow   Rattle-Star – A red brown tom with light green eyes

Sky           Citrus-Star – A pale yellow she cat with glowing green eyes


Wolfs-Bane did as the other medicine cats told her and fell asleep with her throat touching the cool water. She had an off feeling about the whole thing with having just been introduced to the group cats, then having them trust her into being their medicine cat. Suddenly, Wolfs-Bane felt like something tugged on her. She woke up and she was standing on silver water. She looked down and saw ripples coming from where she stood. She looked up and saw five cat silhouettes. She started to walk over to the cats, tiny ripples spreading across the water as she walked.

She heard the silhouettes murmur something. Following her instincts she started to pick up speed. It looked and felt like she was walking in place on the water. She heard a she cat’s voice say something.

“If you rush yourself, you’ll tire out and drown. Now go slow and you’ll make it to us.” The voice sounded so calm, it almost sounded fake because of the way she said it.

She started to walk slower and found that her paws were submerged in the water. She kept calm and kept walking, actually moving towards the silhouettes. She got closer and saw who the silhouettes really were. Standing there were three toms and two she cats.

The largest cat was a dark reddish brown tom with light green eyes and scars across his face. The smallest and thinnest cat was a light blue tom with a silver tinge to his muzzle, paws, and tail tip. The other tom was an average looking cat with a silvery grey coat with waves of lighter and darker color. The largest she cat was a pale yellow, with eyes that looked like glowing emeralds. The other she cat was an orange tabby.

The orange tabby she cat spoke. “Wolfs-Bane, you’re very lucky a group of cats allowed you to join their group. No more starving like you used to. They gave you one of the highest roles in the group, medicine cat. Why do you think that they did that?” The voice was the same as the one before.

“I-I-I don’t know. I just asked for shelter from my old group. Then Evening-Star asked me to join.” She was a little shocked at this question and didn’t fully know why she was being asked that question.

“Well Wolfs-Bane, the reason you were named that was because of the first herb that you introduced to the groups that they didn’t know was Wolfs bane.” The short, thin light blue tom said.

“I think we should introduce ourselves now...” The orange tabby she spoke up. Before anyone could say anything she just assumed they agreed. “I’m Citrus-Star, the last true leader of Sky Clan. This other orange she-cat next to me is Amber Star, the last leader of Thunder Clan.”

“I’m Zephyr-Star, the last true leader of Wind Clan,” said the skinny light blue tom. “Rattle Star is the big red tom. He’s the last leader of Shadow Clan. Sail Star is the other tom.“

The other toms nodded while Rattle Star looked like he was glaring. Amber Star was the first to talk again, “Wolfs Bane, we have a prophecy for you. “

Wolfs Bane cut her off, “What? So soon?” She looked a bit worried, shocked, and confused.

“Yes,” Rattle Star said quickly, “We know that you are trustworthy. You are a cat that hasn’t taken off with prey or one of the group’s kits.  Plus you are willing to wait four moons to go to a sacred ceremony in which you can’t back out of once you start.  You are always willing to help.  A cat like that is more than loyal and is a true medicine cat.”

“Five will soon come to find Rapid falls, Arid wastelands, Marshy planes, Coastal waters, and Overgrowing Flora.“ Sail Star said as they started to fade away.

After a couple of seconds everything was gone. Only the water remained looking  like thick black poison.

Chapter 1

The large group found a few bushes that were hollow on the inside, with brambles surrounding the outside, looking like a shell. The group leaders decided that they would stay here for a moon then leave for another moon of travel. The large group had enough resources around, but it still wasn’t the right territory for them since it was too small to fit five clans.


The elders walked to the smallest of the hollow bushes and settled there. Five of the kits, Torrent-Kit, Cypress-Kit, Sun-Kit, Tree-Kit, and Sea-Kit were following them. They were running up to one of the elders but slid to a stop as they tried not to run into them. Juniper-Ash, one of the elders, started telling the kits of the tale of how they had started traveling to find new territory. The story had been told for three or four generations now.


“Generations ago, the clans Shadow, Air, Thunder, River, and Sky came together to form this large group we are today. Some weird creatures named two-legs came in with dastardly monsters that ripped up the ground and threw trees dange-” He stopped telling the story as Sea-Kit and Sun-Kit shrieked, frightened. Torrent-Kit laughed at the younger kits shrieking in fear, while Tree and Cypress had mixed feelings between feeling bad for the younger kits or laughing along with Torrent.


Sun-Kit and Sea-Kit were the youngest out of the group of kits, with being two moons old. Sun-Kit and Sea-kits parents are Solar-Eyes, the queen, and Ash-Flame, the warrior. Tree-Kit and Cypress-Kit were four moons; their parents are Morning-Air, the queen, and Adder-Tongue. Torrent-Kit was the oldest at five moons old, whose parents are Orchid-Splash, the mother, and Venom-Tail.


“May I continue kits?” Juniper asked slightly, glaring at Torrent.


“You may....” Torrent answered for the rest, feeling a little confused and scared.


“Where was I agai- oh I remember! So the clans and tribe joined together, with Shadow joining last. They weren’t giving up until most of the clan was dead and the group of clans and the tribe were about to leave. When the group was ready, they set off and thought that territory would be easy to find within a couple moons of walking. As you know, we are still traveling of course. We’ve lost some along the way, but I feel that we will be to the territory soon. I just hope I make it to see it.” Juniper finished the tale and his comments.


Cypress ended up running out of the bush, once the rest noticed that Torrent was gone.


———————end of chap. 1——————